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This page contains links of the "Chiropractic Experience" of many of the patients we have treated in the past.  We have several books in our reception room that are filled with patient's personal stories.  We have started converting these positive true accounts of our patient's successes to our website.  Watch this section grow as we convert our "old" polaroid picture system to our "new" digital camera format here on our web page. -- To Read Dr. Sheely's Personal Chiropractic Experience, Click Here.

I started coming to Sheely Chiropractic Clinic on 1/7/99 due to pain in my shoulders and neck. I had suffered with these problems on and off for 8 years. I went to one doctor before Dr. Sheely and I took


pain medication to help with the pain. I had restless sleeping and it also was hard to do my work. I could see results after about 4 weeks of Chiropractic care. I feel better now without having to take drugs and I also feel more relaxed. Dr. Sheely and his staff are professional and courteous. -- Charles Friday

I entered Dr. Sheely's office for the first time in 1982 due to pain in my back from an accident I was in. I fell through a roof 40 feet into machinery at work. I broke my back and was laid up for 6 months.  I had suffered with these problems for 2 years.
I went to two doctors before Dr. Sheely. I had to take muscle relaxers, anti depressants, etc. I had swelling in my back, sharp pains, sleeplessness, irritability, hump in my back.  Within 3 weeks of coming to Dr. Sheely's office I felt so much better. I was also able to rest better. I feel that without the care I receive my back swells up and I have sharp pains. With care at Sheely Chiropractic Clinic I feel better, I rest better, I am able to work, plus, no drugs are involved. Dr. Sheely has been my doctor for a long time. He care's about his patient's and gets to know them on a personal level. When I went through a personal tragedy Dr. Sheely was there for me. He is number 1!!! The staff care about people, they are all people persons. -- Tony Jones
I entered the office due to an automobile accident in which I was rear ended by another automobile. I had these problems for 10 weeks prior to coming into Dr. Sheely's office. I went to my Medical Doctor to get treated before coming to Dr.
Sheely's office for treatment.  I had minor discomfort during the day, major discomfort during the night. I had difficulty sleeping. I noticed the results of Chiropractic treatment within 2 or 3 visits after starting care. Dr. Sheely's care has been excellent. The results are positive. Dr. Sheely and his staff are professional considerate and caring. -- Dr. Marvin Lawrence
I have been coming to Dr. Sheely's office since 1988. I came in because of lower back pain and my neck was out of place. I had suffered with these problems for 20 years.  I used to have trouble sleeping because of my back and neck pain. The
trouble had started from carrying a mail pouch, I pulled my neck and back out of place. Now I have no problems at all. I saw the results of chiropractic care within 3 weeks of care.  Dr. Sheely has helped me greatly and I have no problems now. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. -- Todd Luedtke
I entered the office in July of 1995 due to back pain as a result of surgery (nerve damage). I had suffered with these symptoms for a year. I had been to two different Doctors and had to take muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatants, and pain medicine. I
was afraid that I was going to have to go on disability at work. It took about five months for me to notice real improvement. I became able to function normally. Flexibility was restored in my back and my pain was reduced dramatically. Dr. Sheely and his staff have been extremely helpful and concerned for my well-being and health for the past 3 ½ years. -- Gary Mozingo

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