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This page contains links of the "Chiropractic Experience" of many of the patients we have treated in the past.  We have several books in our reception room that are filled with patient's personal stories.  We have started converting these positive true accounts of our patient's successes to our website.  Watch this section grow as we convert our "old" polaroid picture system to our "new" digital camera format here on our web page. -- To Read Dr. Sheely's Personal Chiropractic Experience, Click Here.

I entered Dr. Sheely's office on February 9th, 1999 due to pain in ny neck and low back, I had difficulty in walking and moving, and I couldn't lay on left side without pain and stiffness. Prior to coming in the office she had suffered with

these problems for 3 weeks. Before care in the Dr. Sheely's office I couldn't do anything without pain, but I kept going anyway. Now I keep going with minimal to no pain!!! Within two treatments by Dr. Sheely the results became apparent. I now can move, walk, turn over, with no pain and stiffness. I love Dr. Sheely and staff they are so sweet. Chiropractic care absolutely brings positive healing. -- Mrs. Diane Mullins

I have been coming to the Sheely Chiropractic Clinic since 6/23/99. I was suffering with low back pain. I had these problems for two years before I finally came to Dr. Sheely's. I had seen four other doctors before coming to Dr. Sheely. Due to my

back pain I lost time off of work and I was also limited in athletic activities. The results of chiropractic care became apparent about two months after I started care. Chiropractic adjustments and pressure point therapy helps to keep me healthy and working at my maximum level Dr. Sheely and his staff are great people!!! -- Richard Palmer, Ph. D

I have been coming to Dr. Sheely's office on and off since 1983 due to pain in my low back. I had suffered with these problems off and on for 16 years. I heard about Dr. Sheely and came here because I didn't want drugs to cover up the pain. I

wanted the problem corrected. Before I came to Dr. Sheely's office there had been times when I couldn't sleep, sit or stand. There were times I couldn't even work. I would see improvement after coming in only after a couple treatments. The benefits of chiropractic care that I have noticed is that I am able to maintain a very active pain free life. I enjoy coming here for the fact that everyone is very nice and positive in their attitude towards helping you. The biggest plus is they are a living testimony for God which this world needs. I thank God for letting me come to know Dr. Sheely and his staff. -- Bonnie Sprinkle

I entered the office on September 2, 1998 for the first time due to severe pain in my upper back, shoulders, and arms. I also suffered with numbness in my upper arms and palms. I had these symptoms two weeks before I entered Dr. Sheely's office

the first time. I was unable to work because of pain. I saw results from chiropractic care immediately. I am now able to perform in a much more normal way in every day functions. I have very little pain in my upper back at this time. Dr. Sheely and staff have been very concerned and attentive to my recovery. I couldn't have asked for better care. I am very thankful to Dr. Sheely and the entire staff. -- Mr. Kenneth Stephens
I entered Dr. Sheely's office in February of 1999 due to back and neck pain. I had been in a car accident. I had suffered with these symptoms for 2 weeks before I entered the office. I had not seen any other doctors before Dr. Sheely. My normal
life was interrupted due to this health problem. My pain made it very uncomfortable and painful to do certain things. Just after three weeks of Chiropractic care my results became apparent. Dr. Sheely and his staff helped me very much. Dr. Sheely and his staff are very friendly and helpful. -- Katie Terry

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