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We are pleased to unveil the Employee Plus program.

The rising cost of health insurance is becoming a huge financial burden for all employers, large and small. However the financial strain is particularly hard on small business owners. Worse yet, despite record profits for many of the larger insurance companies, the insurance industry has been shifting the cost of healthcare to employers via higher premiums, employees via higher co-pays and deductibles, and the physicians via massive fee discounts. The government, recognizing this disturbing trend, has been developing Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Medical Savings Account (MSA) so individuals can control how their dollars will be spent.

To ease the burden of rising costs, Sheely Chiropractic Health and Wellness developed an innovative program: Employee Plus. This program offers small employers the opportunity to provide a significant new benefit for their employees at no additional cost to the employer. Call our office for more details and to order a complimentary packet of information. 513-217-7035.

Large employers in Ohio are plagued primarily by two significant financial stresses: skyrocketing healthcare costs, and rising worker's compensation premiums (in addition to medical and indemnity costs associated with job injury). Properly delivered chiropractic care can help lower those costs. Research dating back decades consistently demonstrates that chiropractic care can return a patient to work in half the time, with half the cost, and half the disability, compared to traditional medical management. Additionally, recent studies suggest that chiropractic directed management results in lower drug costs, less outpatient diagnostic tests, and less surgery. Additionally patients using doctors of Chiropractic report higher satisfaction and greater improvement in overall health.

Remember, drugs and hospital care remain the two main cost drivers in this nation's escalating healthcare crisis. Obviously, shifting towards conservative Chiropractic care can lower those costs. The opiod crises can be greatly reduced by sending your employees to a chiropractic physician.  Forging a relationship with a local Chiropractic physician makes good business sense. Call our office today to inquire about several services available through Sheely Chiropractic Health and Wellness:

Pre-employment screenings.
Job site analysis.
Injury prevention classes.
Employee Plus Program.
Serving as your company chiropractor.
Injury treatment and case management.

Contact our office for information on any of the above at 513-217-7035 or you may e-mail your questions or requests to

Our clinic is a Preferred Provider for a large majority of insurance companies and is a Provider for the Ohio BWC. If you would like to see if your current carrier is listed as one of our Network Insurance Companies, you may contact our office as this list changes frequently. If your current carrier is not in-etwork for our office and you would like us to consider contracting with your carrier, please contact our office with your request...513-217-7035 or you may e-mail your request to

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