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New and Returning Patient Appointments and Patient Portal

Sheely Chiropractic Health and Wellness is currently accepting new patients.

If you have not scheduled an appointment, please request an appointment. Call message and scheduling - 513-217-7035 or email me at and request an appointment and a return call.

We will need your first and last name and a valid e-mail. We can schedule your appointment anytime during normal business hours - Click Here to See Hours Available. After hours appointments are available for emergencies. If you have an emergency, my cell number is 513-267-2841.

We now have a patient information portal that allows you to complete your initial paperwork whereever you have an internet connection on your desktop of tablet or phone.

This will save you and us a great deal of time. To begin sharing your important health information with us, just simply call us at 513 217 7035 or send us a new patient email request. Either way we will e-mail you back a link with a secure password so you can fill out your information before you come into the office..

Proper paperwork and documentation is a very necessary part of taking care of our patients. We document first so that we can take appropriate care of our patients and second so we can provide information to third party payors for medical necessity purposes.

Here is the patient portal link. You will need your last name and your secure password that was sent in the email in response to your request to possibly become a new patient in our office.

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Sheely Chiropractic New and Returning Patient Portal