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Information for MD'S & Other Medical Professionals

Dr. Sheely of Sheely Chiropractic Health And Wellness believes in an integrated team approach to healthcare for the benefit of his patients. He works closely with local medical physicians and refers without reservation when a patient needs a multidisciplinary treatment regimen. Since 1980, Dr. Sheely and his staff has become a reliable referral source for local medical professionals faced with difficult or challenging neuromusculoskeletal cases. As a result, nearly 80% of our practice comes from referrals from patients, friends, local medical physicians and other medical professionals.

If you are a medical professional visiting our site, we encourage you to browse the various pages. If you've never been in a chiropractic office, we encourage you to contact us anytime for a complete tour of our Middletown facility. You can see first hand the variety of techniques and technologies utilized in a contemporary chiropractic office.

We are one of only a few offices in the Middletown region to offer a full range of chiropractic/physical medicine treatments, featuring chiropractic care, physical therapy, rehabilitation, nutrition and weight loss, and massage all in one facility.

Services We Provide

Upon a referral you can expect:
• Initial and interim reports.
• A referral back to your office during active care and upon completion of care.
• A DISCHARGE summary upon completion of care.
• We accept only those patients we truly believe we can help.

If you have any questions about our office, or would like to refer a patient, feel free to contact our office at 513-217-7035.

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