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As a patient of the Sheely Chiropractic Clinic, your health is our primary concern. We want to deliver the best natural health care available anywhere and are dedicated to attaining that goal. We are constantly improving our services and facilities in order to deliver the top-notch, state-of-the-art, comprehensive health care you desire.

We have a full range of services available to you. While you may have experienced one or several of our services, you may not be aware of the other services we provide. We are available to deliver a wide range of services. Take a minute to click the links below to see three complete lists of our services. The health care and services you need may be closer than you know.

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Services We Provide

Diagnostic Tests Available to Sheely Chiropractic Clinic

Treatment Available through Sheely Chiropractic Clinic

Upon being accepted as a patient at Sheely Chiropractic Clinic, you were given a Financial Policy for our clinic. If for any reason you need to see this policy and have misplaced your copy of the Financial Policy, click the link below to review the policy.

Financial Policy of the Sheely Chiropractic Clinic

From time to time, the clinic offers patients an opportunity to enter a drawing or contest which we are sponsoring...or to attend a special presentation. Check here often for the current opportunity available to patients only.

We strive to be available to our patients for any questions or problems they may have. You can call the clinic and we will address your concerns...and arrange your appointments. Call 513-217-7035 to contact us. Or, if you prefer, you may contact us via e-mail. We're here to help!

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