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New Patient Consultation







Becoming a new patient is very easy using the latest secure patient web portal software.  Simply call us to secure a new patient consultation time and we will send you an email with a password to our secure online patient portal so you can comple your initial information  over the Internet.  When you arrive you will check in to one of our computer stations and all of your information will already be in your digital case file.  Dr. Sheely will meet with you and discuss your health concerns and determine what is needed to diagnose your condition and decide if he accepts your case for further examination.

New Patient Examination








If accepted for examination, the new patient will be tested in several different areas. Of course the area of the main complaint will be thoroughly examined. The patient will also be checked concerning their eyes, ears, nose, throat, heart, lungs, pulse, respiration rate, cervical and lumbar range of motion, muscle strength, orthopedic tests, neurological tests, chiropractic balance tests, and gait analysis.

Many specialized diagnostic procedures are performed in the Sheely Chiropractic Clinic and many are available through outside referral sources that make up our Network Team of Chiropractic Services. Depending on the patients needs, several diagnostic tests are available to the Sheely Chiropractic Clinic either in office or by referral to another health facility. Patient examination findings and daily patient notes are documented through state-of-the-art computer systems.   Dr. Sheely uses Dragon Naturally Speaking - voice to typewritten report- to assist in his daily progress notes. He also uses Silkonesoftware for billing and documentation of daily notes and examination findings.

X-Ray Services

If a patient's condition requires an x-ray diagnostic study, the proper films can be taken, at many local facilities and analyzed in our office with our advanced and very detailed ChiroSight digital analysis software.  We only require x-rays if the patient's condition dictates these detailed studies.

Report of Findings








After the patient has obtained all of the needed tests to diagnose their condition, a consultative Report of Findings will be scheduled to explain all of the findings of the case and the significance to their current health status. If accepted for treatment, Dr. Sheely will show what would be involved to help the patient. It is important to understand the meaning of the test results and how those findings affect current health conditions. A treatment plan will be shown for the patient and any questions can be answered at that time before any treatment would begin.

Chiropractic Treatment








Treatment is extremely individualized for each patient accepted for care in the Sheely Chiropractic Clinic. Every patient's needs are different and there are many variables that can affect the treatment and the speed of the results for each condition. Many different types of treatments are available and used in the clinic. Click here to see the wide variety of treatments which are used in the clinic or are available through referral to another facility.

Rehabilitative Exercises


Sheely Chiropractic Clinic is equipped with Synergy Rehab Equipment to aid patients to regain strength and stability in the areas where they are weak or injured. This rehabilitation in conjunction with the patient's treatment plan of scheduled adjustments and therapy is imperative in bringing the patient to a complete state of recovery for their injuries and/or problem areas.


Massage Therapy (Relaxation or Therapeutic)


Sheely Chiropractic Health and Wellness has Massage Therapy services available.  We provide therapuetic or relaxation massage therapy session. Sarah Muncie graduated from Dayton School of Massage which was ranked 11th out of the top 100 in th ecountry.  She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).  She was also the winner of the 2017 AMTA Scholarship.  She was chosen out of every other massage therapy student in the country.  Therapeutic massage may be billed to any appropriate insurance in many cases.

Weight Loss Programs

Sheely Chiropractic Clinic offers options for supporting patients in weight-loss programs which are nutritionally sound and monitored by staff.

The ChiroThin Weight Loss System is a program that guarantees a 20 to 35 pound weight loss within 6 weeks if you follow the program. It is a system which is implemented by our clients either in -office or through the Internet under the doctor's supervision. This program incorporates real food you purchase in your local grocery store and is an exciting system to aid in safe, rapid weight loss. Weekly monitoring of this weight-loss progress is provided under the doctor's supervision. More information is available though various links on this website or by calling our office.


Click Here for more information on our ChiroThin Weight-Loss Program.

Lose 20 to 35 pounds in 6 weeks! 

Preventative/Maintenance Plans

Sheely Chiropractic offers several options for patients who have reached a maximum level of improvement and wish to maintain their optimal health. Preventative packages are available which offer maintenance patients the option of choosing their preventative plan which may consist of monthly massage, chiropractic care, nutritional support, and/or weight-loss their needs and preferences dictate.

Nutritional Counseling and Support

Sheely Chiropractic offers nutritional counseling and nutritional support. As many symptoms and conditions are partially or wholly due to nutritional needs, offering nutritional support is a natural extension of the care available through the clinic.

Nutritional Support Available

Also, as an alternative to prescription medication which often results in negative side effects, Sheely Chiropractic Clinic offers natural supplements and enzymes in special formula combinations to counteract patients' diagnosed conditions which are in need of supplemental/enzyme intervention.

Conditions and Natural Treatment Options

Patient Education

Sheely Chiropractic offers patient education on a variety of health topics and activities of daily living. In an effort to treat the "whole person," Dr. Sheely offers education and information on topics of concern for patients. As balancing a patient's life is vital in balancing a patient's health, giving education and information on topics of concern helps to bring the patient to Whole Health. The link below will give you a menu of 10 audio topics for everyday health and living, brought to you by Dr. Sheely...listen and learn!

Audio Smart Tips

Living Well for Life and Weight Loss Classes are taught at Sheely Chiropractic, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm, every Monday at the clinic. This class offers valuable information on getting and staying well for life...with chiropractic care and through smart, balanced, everyday living. For information and to register for a health and/or weight loss class, call 513-217-7035.

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