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A Chiropractic Story

My Father - The rest of the Story 


My father…. the rest of the story
Sometimes once or if your lucky twice in a lifetime, you may have someone in your life that sees something in you that nobody else sees  – and has the courage to tell you about it and to motivate you in that direction.  I have had one such person and …. It was my father.  My father passed away  November 17, 2010.

Several years ago there was an eleven year old boy in swimming trunks in the back of a Scout International truck traveling to Devil’s Lake in Michigan. His Mom and Dad, older brother and his wife and his younger brother all heard a high pitched screech of tires as the car behind them tried to past on a hill. The car slammed into the left rear bumper of the Scout and proceeded to push it sideways up the hill and causing it to roll over three times coming to a rest upside down. There was immediate screaming of first names with hopes of answers. The mom did not answer. There was blood coming from the chest of the eleven year old as he realized that he could see the bottom half and legs of his Mom sticking through the broken side window from inside an upside down Scout. He also noticed a suitcase had wedged in the back which prevented crushing of his mother’s chest. The smell of gas was everywhere.

Ambulances came and took everyone to the hospital. Miraculously no one was killed. Everyone had cuts and scraps. The young boy’s mother was hurt the most from the head injury where her head smashed through the side window with gasoline pouring into her eyes and ears from the ruptured tank above. Headaches and severe vertigo continued for weeks until a friend suggested that she see her chiropractor. The chiropractic doctor found vertebral subluxations - spinal dysfunctions in her cervical spine. The whole family started under chiropractic care and got tremendous results. That lady was my Mom, and I was that eleven year old.  I personally witnessed and was amazed at an incredible return to normal health of my Mother.

After my father saw what chiropractic care did for our family in that accident — from that point on, my father would frequently look into my eyes with a quick grin, flip a pointed right index finger at me and say – “You sure would make a great chiropractor”.  I am certain he said it hundreds of times with that same look and pointed finger while I was growing up.

I was raised on a farm in Northern Ohio and was out of doors most of my younger years.  One of my favorite places to be outside was at the bridge close to the ditch that ran by our house.  We just called it “The Bridge”.

I chiseled my name in “The Bridge”  the summer of 1965 after we were in that terrible car accident.

I remember spending a lot of time at that bridge in the country thinking about the future and what life could possibly be like as a chiropractor.  After lots of years of sitting at that bridge, talking to God,  and planning my future… I decided  that I would become the best chiropractor that I could - and do what my father told me I could do.

When my oldest son Kyle was  eleven years old,  he and I carved his name in the bridge beside mine. I told him the story about me when I was eleven and how a terrible accident and a wise father set in motion the events that lead me to become a chiropractic physician. “The Bridge” has long since been torn down but my eyes are actually tearing up just thinking about the fact that this is the spot that I decided to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

What does Chiropractic mean to me? It caused an eleven year old boy in an accident to eventually commit to a profession that changed the life of his mother because a father spoke some wisdom to a son.  Chiropractic is important enough to pass on to future generations. It is to me the profession that makes the most sense in all of health care today.

I believe that I was fortunate early on to know what I would do when I chose my life’s work only because of my father.  I also believe that good things can always happen from tough times and tragedies …if –  we look for the answers. Chiropractic is a profession of answers. It seems to me that as more research is completed,  it continues to prove that chiropractic care can be the answer for so many conditions that Chiropractic Physicians see helped everyday.

This is a very satisfying time for me in practice to see the great acceptance of chiropractic. I do not see a decrease in people’s want for the natural health care that chiropractic provides. We, as chiropractors, just have to continue to understand the trends of the way people can receive care from our offices. Chiropractic is importance enough for me to learn new avenues that can promote the continued increased utilization of chiropractic care. I am willing to do whatever it takes within the ethical and moral framework I have chosen to live my life to tell the truth about chiropractic care.

Chiropractic is a profession that naturally right just like Dr. Jim Parker has always said. I believe that is the first level of health care that should be considered for a great deal of what people go to the medical profession for. However, chiropractic is so radically right that is has taken time for people to see the common sense in it.

Chiropractic allows me to perform a specialized unique service that has the potential to totally change someone’s life for the better,  for the rest of their life  - with no side effects. Also, it does not require 10 million dollars a day in marketing to get people to use our service. What it requires is me being willing to tell people the truth in large crowds,  or one on one,  or through the “Great Equalizer – The Internet” – but that is another soon to be told story.

Chiropractic means that I have a service that is so good that people are willing to come to my office and be seen at a schedule that is convenient for both the patient and for me.  Since, my fathers passing, I have had a close friend tell me that they had a “Word” for me…. Of course,  I was all ears.  They said ….  Now it is time for you to BE Your Father’s Legacy.   Wow – that hit me hard.     So it is time for me to … really grow up.  To fulfill all the dreams my father had for me when he told me “You sure would make a great chiropractor”.  So I figure it this way, If I have to grow up then I think that my profession should also have to grow up into the totally amazing, life changing profession, that it was destined to be.  I have decided that I am into Legacy Building for my profession for the rest of my practice career and I am looking for some strong Lovers of  Chiropractic and colleagues to join me.  Want to?

Yes,I Love being a CHiropractor ..and  I owe it all to my Father!!! 

My Father was a World War II hero, a farmer, a photographer,(Owned the Photo Farm)  a small appliance repairman, (Owned Gene’s Repair Service) an entrepreneur, a Sunday school teacher, a plumber,  a lay pastor, a mighty man of God, and many, many other things in his life to many other people.


My Father's Funeral arrangements were as follows:
St Paul United Methodist Church
312 South Main Street
P.O. Box 164
Payne, Ohio 45880
(419) 263- 2418
Rev. Julia Ronngren


J. Eugene Sheely – visitation was on Friday November 19, 2010, 2-4pm and 6-7:30pm and 10:00 am Saturday. The funeral service was on 11:00AM on Saturday,November 20, 2010

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This post was written by:

Robert Sheely, D.C., F.I.C.C. -

Dr. Rob Sheely practices in Middletown, Ohio.  As a Chiropractic Physician and business owner since 1980, he has been a life-long student of all things that are associated with improvements in the areas of physical, financial, mental, spiritual, career, social, and family. Besides his office, he has income sources that come from using the Internet to to share information to improve peoples lives. 


A portion of this was written in the summer of 1997 for a presentation to the High Country Knights of the Chiropractic Round Table, of which Dr. Sheely is a member.

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