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Dear Friend:

Many lawyers are settling for 40-50% of the cash awards they could and should be getting!

Have you desired to increase your settlements, for your clients? Would you like to know little known secrets concerning proven and documented research clearly explaining the mechanics and results of what can happen in a low velocity impact auto accident case?

For the first time ever, I've decided to write a short, concise Special Report entitled: "7 Deadly Mistakes Attorneys Make When Negotiating Low Velocity Impact Settlements" that reveals my experiences in dealing with over 400 of personal injury patients and over 100 attorneys.

I've noticed that almost every lawyer I've worked with has overlooked or ignored nearly 7 little known facts regarding low impact velocity accidents - and it's costing them millions each and every year.

Today, lawyers are faced with:

· Increased competition!

· Higher expenses!

· Difficulty negotiating settlements!

· And all the other hassles, frustrations, and problems that people outside the legal profession don't understand or even have a clue about!

In this free report, I reveal tips and research that can give you a competitive edge. You'll discover things about low velocity automobile impacts you never knew before.

Things like:

· Why the angle of collision can make or break your case!

· How body position is the most misunderstood - and thought about case winner!

· Secrets about body size you never knew about!

· Are you getting the "rear end" of the deal when looking at bumpers, after a rear end collision?

· How gender plays a BIG part in long-term injury!


Why have I written this report? Many lawyers have called me or asked my advice about the long-term effects AND short-term injuries their clients often experience from apparently "minor" auto accidents.

What you'll discover will be revealing, eye-opening and helpful.

In fact, you'll wonder how you ever got along without this "insider" information!

To get your copy of this free report is easy... Simply email me at a request the report entitled: "7 deadly  Mistakes Attorneys Make When Negotiation Low Velocity Impact Settlements" .

Please include your office phone number, name, Practice name and address. I will E-mail you back a "Secret Web Page address" and you can print the report out on your own printer! Very fast and simple! I will only respond to local attorneys that want the real facts about low velocity impact cases!

Of course, if you need further assistance beyond the scope of my report, you may contact me. But there is no further obligation or cost to get your free report.


Robert B. Sheely, D.C.

P.S. If you'd like to know the 7 little known secrets about low velocity impacts that helps you communicate the facts to insurance companies.

E-Mail Dr. Rob Sheely today!

P.S.S. I have a special bonus for those hard charging attorneys that like to get right to work on assessing the value of their personal injury cases. For those that request, we will E-mail or Fax the findings of the initial examination and the Report of Findings of your client within 24 hours after they have had their first treatment. This unique service allows attorneys to evaluate their case after understanding the extent of the injuries. After you get our free report, let us know if your office would like us to start this Free service with your law practice. There is one thing you can always be sure of concerning your professional relationship with my clinic: I will never treat a patient more than they need to be treated for their condition. I do not have time for a "patient" that wants to make more out of their injuries than can be clearly and objectively documented with examinations in my clinic. My name and my reputation is much more important to me than money. If the patient needs care, I can clearly document medical neccesity.

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