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Positive Group Messages...
Sheely Group Communications is a company created from the desire to reach more individuals with positive life changing communications. Dr. Robert Sheely is an exciting and upbeat keynote speaker and workshop leader. A motivator by nature, he effectively communicates with an energetic, humorous style that connects with audiences. Whether speaking on topics such as attitude development, goal setting, stress reduction, motivation, or informative health issues, his tailored programs enlighten and challenge people so they can achieve their full potential.

Experience + Energy = Results
Dr. Robert Sheely is more than a great doctor. From his experience as a two-term Chamber of Commerce President and as a business and community leader he presents high energy, results-oriented programs that motivate and promote new ideas. The ability to rapidly transform an audience ... that's what Dr. Sheely can bring to your meetings and training sessions.

"For years I have tried to assist patients to become the best they can be by suggesting lifestyle changes and activities that will improve their present condition. It is a natural extension of my practice and a personal desire to communicate to others by speaking to larger groups of people about change -- change for their lives both personally and professionally."

--- Dr. Robert B. Sheely

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