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Letters from Business Owners, Teachers, Students, Event Planners, etc., about presentations from
Dr. Sheely


"I was on the verge of tears"

Dr. Sheely,

Thank you sincerely for coming to visit our education class. It was such a blessing for me to hear encouraging words, because just earlier that day I was so stressed and frustrated I was on the verge of tears. Difficulties and trials tend to make us forget, or lose our focus. Your inspirational words encouraged me and I will try to keep a positive outlook when times are tough. Thanks again for sharing yourself with us. It was a pleasure hearing your message.

Denise Young


"Your message was so important to my students"

Dr. Robert Sheely,

The two sections of "College Study Skills" which I taught in the autumn term were greatly enhanced by your visits. The title of the class does not adequately reflect the LIFE SKILLS that the course imparts; but in fact, its emphasis is on the skills that enable us to successfully manage our lives in addition to "learning the ropes" and succeeding in college.

That's why your message was so important to my students. You are someone who has made significant accomplishments to your chosen profession, your home and your community, by using those very skills. Your ability and commitment to set goals, to manage your time, to invest in relationships and ongoing learning, to maintain good health, and to risk looking foolish are the major components of successful living.

Through your sharing, my students are better able to see how the content of College Study Skills can be applied to life after graduation. Only when they make profound connection do they see, to adjust their thinking and their actions. And based upon follow-up evaluations and comments, I can confidently thank you for making the difference in students' attitudes.

We all applaud the gifts or your time and energy. Thank you, Dr., Sheely, and may you continue to see the fruits of your efforts.

Judy. R. Kroger
Miami University, Hamilton Campus


"...keeps you laughing throughout his sharing..."

Dear Dr. Sheely,

I have seen Dr. Sheely speak three times in the last few months at teacher related meetings. All of his presentations have been well received. He is an energetic speaker and keeps you laughing throughout his sharing and makes you feel good about yourself. He gives you much food for thought and encourages each to do their best - as it is up to the individual as to the kind of day, week year he/she will have.

He spoke to the Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority a couple of years ago, and at our end of the year surveys and ideas for future speakers, Dr. Sheely's name was mentioned that he "come back" by several of our members!

Lora Dean Bradley


"Your ability to include the entire audience in your delivery was also a welcome change..."

Dear Dr. Sheely: , October 28, 1996

Your graduation address Friday evening was a great success! Thank you so very much for sharing with our student body, their families, and their friends your knowledge, your time and your personality.

How refreshing it was not to hear the traditional, "this is not the end but the beginning," graduation speech. Your ability to include the entire audience in your delivery was also a welcome change to the same old format. You are a dynamic speaker, and we are blessed to have your involvement with our school. Your comments gave the graduates with enthusiasm and sincereity warm memories of their graduation night, important concepts, and vital keys to ponder.

As a new director at my first graduation, I personally thank you for your confident-building attitude. Your support was much appreciated! Thank you, Dr. Sheely, for your valuable contribution to Southwestern College of Business. Per the records manager (who was one of the graduates there Friday evening), you were "awesome"!


Sue Anne Urmston
Southwestern College of Business



"Your topic was timely and I felt it to be of great benefit to our kids."

Dear Dr. Sheely, February 24, 1995

I just wanted to drop you a line and express to you my thanks for your appearance here with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Your topic was timely and I felt it to be of great benefit to our kids. I feel it is important to see professional people who have not forgotten the necessity of a relationship with God. Again, I thank you. I am hopeful you'll be able to be with us again soon.

Jeff Smith,
Athletic Director
Madison High School


"...they enjoyed your message and the way it was presented."

Dear Dr. Sheely, March 31, 1994

I want to thank you on behalf of the Mary-Martha Sunday School Class of First Baptist, Middletown for your presentation at the Women's Center. Everyone has been very positive in their comments about the entire day of especially regarding your presentation.

I have received comments from many of the class, stating how much they enjoyed your message and the way it was presented. We will continue to have "smile waves" in class from time to time, as needed, and will remember your talk. You certainly gave us many good ideas and suggestions that we hope to put into practice.

I will not hesitate to recommend your program to others as the opportunity presents itself and, more than that, I will look forward to hearing you again - hopefully in the not too distant future.

Thank you once again,
Very truly yours,
Vonda Barner, President
First Baptist, Middletown


"Your talk was extremely timely."

Dear Dr. Sheely, March 31, 1994

I certainly appreciated your time and efforts in presenting the in-service on Stress to our staff. As you are well aware this has been a very different year here at Edgewood. This has been complicated by the fact that we are presently involved in the negotiation process with the staff and school board.

Your talk was extremely timely. From my own perspective it was given in a manner that was not only informative but also enjoyable. All to often our presenters become so serious that the message gets lost in the delivery. All to often I found myself saying to myself that your point was something that I needed to consider and act upon.

I would be more than happy to recommend your presentation to any other group. Thanks again for being there when we needed your services.

Sincerely Yours,
Fred Breyer
Edgewood High School


"Your presentation was very exciting and kept even our most distractible children involved."

Dear Dr. Sheely, February 23, 1994

Thank you so much for coming and sharing with our first graders. I really appreciated the way in which you were able to explain very complicated procedures in a way the children could understand.

Your presentation was very exciting and kept even our most distractible children involved. They really loved your models, as I'm sure you could tell! It was a wonderful way to summarize our studies on good health habits. I would love to have you come and talk with our first graders every year!

God bless you for your willingness to share your special gifts with our children.

Yours in Him,
Chris Mellish
Cincinnati Christian Schools, Inc.


"Your enthusiasm was contagious."

Dr. Robert Sheely, D.C. October 14, 1994

The EDT 473 students certainly appreciated your presentation on the Well-Rounded Human on September 27, 1994. Their comments follow:

Thank you for coming and sharing your personal experiences with us. We appreciate your sincerity and your positive outlook. Your enthusiasm was contagious. We really enjoyed your lecture. You brought a lively, entertaining discussion that was very relevant to our own lives. It was very informative and offered some practical and useful suggestions. It was a good selection of books. We loved meeting Harvey, the "smile-wave", "I feel great" and the interactive nature of your presentation.

We appreciated the topic of goal setting. We took to heart the suggestions of writing goals - especially writing down what we would like to hear at our funeral.

Your personal stories were effective. Thank you for sharing your perspectives and experiences with your family and young children. We appreciate specific suggestions for relating with others. We like the "It's not like you to do that" and "That's just like you."' We think your ideas will aid us in the future as we work with children.

You were very inspirational, influential and motivating. Thank you for being a witness to your faith. Your presentation helped us through a stressful week. The information you presented wasn't all new, but you helped us be aware of obvious things and to put things in perspective. You helped us realize we have all of the information inside of us. We can learn to solve our own problems. We went into your lecture with not the greatest self-concepts and came out realizing that if we were feeling that way we could change it. Thank You.

Thanks for acknowledging the importance of teachers.

Thank you for coming to our class. "We Feel Great!"

Dr. Arleen Steen, Instructor
EDT 473
Miami University


"My boss thought you were right on target..."

Dear Dr. Sheely, May 5, 1995

What an outstanding performance! Everyone greatly appreciated you. Thank you so much! My boss thought you were right on target with our beliefs in Customer Service. Employees are now "TERRIFIC" it's working! Thanks a million. "You're the Best"

Julia A. Miller
The Manchester Inn


"...your presentation was fun and easy to listen to."


Dr. Robert Sheely, June 6, 1995

I recently attended your seminar for the Northern Kentucky's "Brown Bag" Luncheon. I really enjoyed the way that you presented yourself, and your presentation was fun and easy to listen to. I would definitely recommend your presentation to others. Not only was it helpful to me in the workplace, but outside of the workplace as well.

I like the way you had us as an audience participate in your discussion. It certainly kept me interested and attentive. Thanks again for your useful tips.

Karen E. Taylor
Events Chairman
Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce


"...Dr. Sheely really energized me, I'm ready to tackle the world now!"


Dear Dr. Sheely, July 10, 1995

Thank you so much for your recent presentation to our group. I had heard wonderful things about you from several people beforehand, and you certainly lived up to your reputation!

Our group is a women educators' honorary and has both active teachers, administrators and retired members. It can be quite difficult to find programs which are relevant to all. You certainly appealed to everyone.

You read your audience well and blended just the right mix of active participation, humor, information, and motivation. May is a really busy time for teachers, and it is often difficult to get them to attend a non-required meeting. A few of the comments that I heard after the meeting were:

"I wasn't going to come tonight because I have so much to do, but I'm glad I was here. Dr. Sheely really energized me, I'm ready to tackle the world now!"'

"His energy and enthusiasm are contagious!"

"He read his audience well and tailored his message to the group."

"I'm going to get back to my walking routine again."

Again, thank you for sharing your time, talent, knowledge, and enthusiasm with us.

Most Sincerely,
Sue Clover
First Vice President & Program Chair
Gamma Xi of Delta Kappa Gamma


"...highly recommend your presentations..."

Dear Dr. Sheely, September 11, 1995

Your program was certainly presented in an "easy to understand" manner. Several of the people in attendance made it a point to tell me how much they enjoyed your talk.

Your style of presentation is fine - I wouldn't change a thing! I am sure our volunteers felt better about the job ahead of them after your encouraging words.

I would highly recommend your presentations to other groups and I certainly would attend a function which featured a presentation by you.

Thanks again for helping us get our campaign off to a good start!

Nancy J. Weise
Campaign Director
Middletown Area United Way


"You have a unique way of making people feel comfortable, especially a large group."


Dear Dr. Sheely, April 7, 1994

I FEEL GRRREAT!!! What more can I say? I was very excited about selecting you as our guest speaker for our guests. You have a unique way of making people feel comfortable, especially a large group. Your style is very relaxed, casual and extremely POSITIVE, and your positive was obviously very contagious during breakfast.

You have helped me laugh through little stressful situations, and my kids haven't been whining as much. Thanks! I think more about my goals and being positive even more.

Dr. Sheely, you have a true talent. My guests truly enjoyed themselves and are excited about our next breakfast. My Regional Director of Sales said you are an excellent speaker and we will definitely host more seminars.

I'm looking forward to working with you again. Also, knowing how creative we are, how much fun it will be, and how funny you can be! Thank you very much!

Best Regards,
Julie Miller
Holiday Inn, Middletown


"I have already told our corporate office about the presentation..."

Dear Dr. Sheely,

What a wonderful breath of fresh air you brought to my staff and I this past Friday. The program was very upbeat and positive, yet so simple for everyone to understand. I have had employees and managers alike telling me how much they enjoyed themselves and more importantly everyone left the room with something they can apply to their lives. The way you blended our in house "Aces" Program into the presentation was great !!!

I would recommend your presentation to any organization, regardless of the type of business. I have already told our corporate office about the presentation and recommend that they use you for similar meetings in our other local properties.

I want to thank you again for the presentation, it was "TERRIFIC!!!"

Scott Stacey
General Manager,
The Manchester Inn & Conference Center


"Your program on motivation and goal setting was presented with a refreshing viewpoint..."

Dear Dr. Sheely, September 30, 1994

I want to thank you again for your wonderful presentation to our group of market managers at Bank One. Your program on motivation and goal setting was presented with a refreshing viewpoint and specific examples. They were really ready to go after you left.

We will be able to use your information in our daily activities and look to make better use of our time through planning and setting goals. I would definitely attend this presentation again because of your energetic personality. Your outlook and personality prove to be a winning combination when you get in front on people.

Thank you for taking the time to visit with our group, and we look forward to seeing you again.

Ken Burr
Market Manager, Bank One


"Your presentation style appears to be unique..."

Dear Dr. Sheely, October 13, 1994

As a member of the Loaned Executive Group for United Way in Middletown, I would like to thank you for your presentation to our group a few weeks ago.

Your presentation style appears to be unique in that you are able to deliver a very caring/sharing message in a way people can truly understand. It is obvious you care about people, have strong family values, and are willing to share your positive attitude and philosophies. As an advocate of having fun, your philosophy that "laughter is the best medicine" is apparent during your presentation.

If the opportunity should arise when organizations or groups that I may be associated with need a motivational speaker, rest assured your name will be at the top of the list. Thanks.

Very truly yours,
Lois Parker
Continuous Improvement Coordinator
Middeltown Area United Way



"...motivational, inspirational and above all truthful."


Dear Dr. Sheely, November 2, 1994

"I FEEL GOOD"! On behalf of the Fort Hamilton Chapter American Business Women's Association, I would like to thank you for your dynamic presentation. Everyone enjoyed it. Your message was motivational, inspirational and above all truthful. A positive attitude leads to a healthier life.

Again, thank you and I hope you will come back in the future. You are always welcome at the Fort Hamilton Chapter ABWA. Have a wonderful day!!!!

Professionally yours,
Ms. Zellene Miller - President
Fort Hamilton Chapter
American Business Women's Association


"Your delivery and enthusiasm is incredible; and something I admire."

Dear Dr. Sheely,

Again, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for speaking to the 1994 Middletown Area United Way Loaned Executives and Employee Chairpersons. I appreciate your taking time from your busy schedule to share your insights with us.

I am a 1988 graduate from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Public Communications. In my college years and professional career I have had the opportunity to attend many seminars which included speakers such as yourself; seldom to I walk away feeling as "good" as I did after I heard you speak. Your delivery and enthusiasm is incredible; and something I admire.

This will be my second campaign with the Middletown Area United Way. As hectic as it gets at campaign time; something I ask myself, "why am I doing this, doesn't anyone ever notice. why don't people want to help, etc." After hearing you speak, I again, realized the good that I am doing for our community, that I am making a difference! You prepared me for another campaign by giving me not only enthusiasm, but encouragement.

I appreciate your support of the United Way and look forward to the day that I will have the pleasure of listening to you speak again.

Michelle McDaniel
Marketing & Communications
Middletown Area United Way


"...pleased and enlightened..."


Dear Dr. Sheely, March 1, 1994

Our club members were pleased and enlightened with your program. It was presented in a friendly discussion format, rather than a lecture; with use of visual aids.

You were friendly and encouraged audience participation and questions and mingled with the audience.

We will gain a great deal of benefit from having heard your presentation by recognizing early symptoms of aging and stress and knowing where to go for information and treatment. This is also true in case of injury by accident. This is a subject everyone must address.

We would be happy to hear others presentation with the same atmosphere to ask "ordinary" questions. Also to hear more information on lifestyles, positive attitudes and goal setting.

Thank you Dr. Sheely, for taking the time to spend with us.

The Socialites
BPOE 257


"I have seldom seen a speaker hold the attention of a group as Dr. Sheely does."

Dear Sheely Chiropractic Clinic,

The Warren County Board of Realtors would like to sincerely thank Dr. Sheely for speaking at our March Quarterly meeting. As you know, the topic of "Stress Reduction" is very relevant in this occupation as it is in many! It was a distinct pleasure to listen to Dr. Sheely as he has such a positive attitude on life. I have seldom seen a speaker hold the attention of a group as Dr. Sheely does. I personally found the positive reinforcement for children, family and co-workers a very important message.

Again, thank you! We hope that Dr. Sheely may be willing to speak to the Realtors again in the future.

Betty Ziegler
Executive Officer
The Warren County Board of Realtors



"...very sincere and caring and he radiated a deep happy feeling that only comes from someone who truly believes what he's saying."

Dear Dr. Sheely, April 13, 1994

Great...Really Hit Home...Gave me a chance to think of myself!..... These are only a few of the comments that I received the next day after your visit. When we get this kind of response from our co-workers your visit was a success!

To answer your question in the letter, the program was easily understood because you were able to make us look at ourselves on an individual basis. As far as Dr. Sheely's presentation, it was very sincere and caring and he radiated a deep happy feeling that only comes from someone who truly believes what he's saying. He also gets the whole audience involved which keeps your attention.

As a matter of fact the No Whining sign is displayed on every cubical in our sales office. We really like it when other office members ask what's it for? Of which we tell them we do not accept anymore whining in our area. The "I Feel Great" can be heard up and down our side of the floor during the midday when things start to get stressful and we can hear someone starting to complain.

The other side of our floor is customer service. Of course they are amazed when they hear us with the "I Feel Great", so a supervisor came over to inquire and I told her about your program, and I gave her your telephone number and copy of your brochure for their upcoming supervisors meeting.

The bottom line is we would attend another presentation by Dr. Sheely and plan to in the near future.

Linda Phillabaum
Sales Consultant
Metropolitan, Property and Casualty Insurance Company



" friend in a previous class told me you were a blast!"

Dear Dr. Sheely,

I came into the class with a positive attitude because my friend in a previous class told me you were a blast! You told us things we didn't know chiropractors did. My foal is to be a chiropractor. Thanks for the mental encouragement.

Rachel Reyes



"He makes the pain quit but he works with your life too."


Dr. Sheely,

Dr. Sheely was in Mrs. Bailey's LA Class yesterday. He is really a super neat doctor. He is a chiropractor, but not a normal chiropractor. He makes the pain quit but he works with your life too. He really got the class involved. Some of them got to take some tests and others asked questions. He is a super nice guy and he really made me feel better and I even did some of the things he talked about for the basketball game, ( we won ) and I am going to do the same thing for our tournament. If I ever have any problems with my back, I am going to you Dr. Sheely!

Thank you for coming,

Your very interested friend
Angela Howard


"Your words of wisdom still ring in my ears."

To Dr. Sheely,

Thank you so much for giving our class the motivational "umph" we needed. Your words of wisdom still ring in my ears. I must admit since your visit, I've tried to look at life in a different light. (I haven't whined in a week!) I never really thought about the importance of my own self-concept and how it can influence the people around me. I do now.

There are so many things I learned from your visit. It is hard to pinpoint one thing that influenced me the most. But I will say that seeing things not as a "problem", but as a situation, challenge or opportunity has really changed the way I look at life. These words helped to empower me by believing that I can make a difference.

Sandy Hauser


"...learned a lot about positive thinking."

Dr. Sheely,

Yesterday I was really surprised when you were in here. I really learned a lot about positive thinking. I really liked it when you did demonstrations. When you ask what we were going to be, I said a "doctor". You really made us feel comfortable. Thank you for coming. Sincerely,
Jodi McClintock



"...your message could influence so many."

Dr. Sheely,

Thank you for your positive and uplifting speech in class a few weeks ago! I feel your message could influence so many. You truly have a gift and I feel people will learn from you...I did! Thank you again and I hope you can spread your positive message to more people!

Thank You,
Holly Barrett


" very uplifting for myself and for the rest of the class."

Dear Dr. Sheely,

Your motivational speech for our early childhood class was just wonderful. Your positive attitude while speaking on various topics was so very uplifting for myself and for the rest of the class. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and your wonderful outlook on life.

Jill Scruggs



"I hope that when I become a teacher that you would come into my classroom..."

Dr. Sheely,

Thank you for coming to our class and talking to us about self esteem. I enjoyed it 7 years ago and I enjoyed it now. I hope that when I become a teacher that you would come into my classroom and talk to my kids about self esteem. It is very helpful and important to children to learn about themselves and their feelings. Thank you for your time!

Emily Bryant


"Thank you for making an impact in my life,...

Dear Dr. Sheely,

I would like to personally thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule, to talk to us. You are a terrific speaker. I was very motivated and took a lot of what you said to heart. For example, just the other day I was having an incredibly terrible day. The more upset I became, the worse my day got. I stopped for a moment and thought about looking at my problem as a challenge. My problem became a positive emotion and motivated me to find a way to meet my challenge successfully. I also thought about your poor incident with the ladder. I thought if you can come away from that with a positive attitude, I can definitely make this day better! And I did! Your words were inspirational and motivating. Thank you for making an impact in my life, I hope I can keep the ideas you brought to us with me at all times. I truly think this will help me in my career and in my life.

Thank you again,
Mary Snillgrove



"Your talk sort of re-lit that fire in me..."

Dear Dr. Sheely,

This is just a note to say how mu h I enjoyed your talk. I think many people benefited from all of the positive things you had to say. I really try hard to be positive in my interactions with children as well as adults. I was very nervous about student teaching. I do care very much about being a positive role model and a conscientious, caring teacher. Your talk sort of re-lit that fire in me and put my student teaching in perspective as a learning experience. I'm very glad you came and shared your time with us.

Thanks again!
Jennifer Melosh



"I sat convicted with tears in my eyes wondering how I get that fire back.""

Dear Dr. Sheely,

I could not thank you enough for coming to share with our class. I sat convicted with tears in my eyes wondering how I get that fire back. I wish I had 2 hours just to talk about that, not just for teaching, bur for doing my best for myself! (in all area, especially with God!)

I was so overdue to hear all of what you said - I went home immediately to call my boyfriend and share what I had heard. All of what you said is true.

You have a true blessing, (more than a talent) and I hope you will have the opportunity to share with everyone and anyone you can. People need to hear...speak whenever you can!

After I cried all the way home, I decided to put some of your advice on my refrigerator to try to stay motivated. So, thank you again, you really ministered to me!

God Bless You,
Staci Frazier



"You are a very motivational speaker."

Dr. Sheely,

I want to thank you for talking to our class. You are a very motivational speaker. You ought to consider speaking to other courses, because I know I felt secure about teaching after you talked to us.

Thank You,
Amber Buell


"...truly inspirational experience."

Dr. Sheely,

I would like to take a quick minute to thank you for sharing with our class. It was a truly inspirational experience. I needed a little lift about then, thank you for giving it to me!

Christie Jenkins



"...definitely been a benefit..."

Dr. Sheely,

Thank you for coming in and sharing your ideas with us. I really enjoyed your message and your advise. I also appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to come and visit our class. I know this experience has definitely been a benefit to all of us. Thank you again and please continue doing a terrific job!

Tina Hoskins



" much energy and enthusiasm!"

Dr. Sheely,

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and talk to our class. You had so much energy and enthusiasm! Your suggestions as well as your personality were very inspirational. And personally, your visit to our class was just in time! I needed to hear what you had to say and you made me look at a situation I'm facing in a whole different light. Thank you so much!

Lizz Vaughn


" excellent attitude that rubs off on others."

Dr. Sheely,

Thank you so much for your inspiring lesson. You have a wonderful outlook on life and an excellent attitude that rubs off on others. I thank you again!

Kim Thomas


"It was very fascinating..."

Dr. Sheely, May 28, 1992

I am really glad I got the opportunity to hear you speak. It was very fascinating; especially the part about the well rounded person. I really like how you got the whole class involved in the discussion.

I know there is a fine line about bringing religion into the classroom, but I just wanted you to know that I really appreciated you adding it into the discussion. I gained a lot from it and it didn't offend me in any way.

Thank you very much for making time in your busy schedule to come in and speak to us. I really enjoyed it!

Thanks again,
Kris Riter



"You were very uplifting..."

Dr. Sheely,

What I enjoyed most from your lecture was that you shared yourself. You gave examples of how you have set goals in your life and how you are obtaining them. Although some wouldn't agree with bringing up religion in a class setting, I personally felt that it takes a lot of guts to profess your love for God with so many people always staring you down about how you shouldn't talk about it.

By sharing that very personal part of yourself, it made me feel that you wanted us to become close to you and feel the love of life together. I'm glad you spoke about that part of yourself. I also liked how you told us we needed goals and that they weren't going to be achieved unless we wrote them down and did one thing each day to obtain them. You were very uplifting and by your lecture, I felt my self-esteem rise and I felt great about myself.

Thank You,
Tracy Ballin


"...really enjoyed your presentation..."

Dr. Sheely, May 28, 1992

I really enjoyed your presentation Thursday night. What you had to say really made me start to re-evaluate myself and helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. The "Well Rounded Human" hand-out was very interesting. This is a very good way to have people rate what they feel about themselves. I also enjoyed the "Life's Daily Menu" hand-out. Thank you for your time and I would enjoy hearing you again!

Thank You!
Jennifer Reffitt


"Keep up the good work..."

Dear Dr. Sheely, May 28, 1992

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with Dr. Sterns EDT 473 class. Your enthusiasm for God and other spilled over into the audience.

The hand-out on the well rounded individual was superb. What a concrete way to see what in you life is keeping you from being as effective as you should be. Keep up the good work - for God, parents and educators.

Thank you,
Leigh Ann Tully

p.s. Please don't be discouraged when others find fault with the spiritual part of your talk. We need more Dr. Sheely's if we are going to make a difference in this world!


"...your talk was very beneficial and interesting."

Dr. Sheely,

First of all, I would like to thank you, again for your visit this past Tuesday, I feel that your talk was very beneficial and interesting. It is wonderful that you can incorporate a positive self-concept into your profession. That was essentially what I enjoyed the most about your talk. A positive self-concept would be a part of everyone's life. Positive regard toward yourself tends to flourish and rubs off on others around you, it produces a chain, an ongoing, never ending chain.

I also think that your presentation about becoming a well-rounded person was excellent. It allowed me to question areas of well being, that I may have otherwise disregarded. Maybe you went out on a limb, in the spiritual area, but I personally feel it was quite effective!

Debbie Hickman


" are a great chiropractor."

Dr. Sheely,

I think you are a great chiropractor. I also think the experiments were a lot of fun, and I liked the card you gave us, it might help in the future. And I liked how you made us write some goals, I think it will help me.




"You are the best speaker we had this year, you are fun."

Hi there Dr. Sheely,

I think Mrs. Bailey is sure lucky to have a Dr. like you. She is not lucky with her back. But if I did have a bad back, I would choose you to fix me up.

I think the students here at old EJS are lucky to get Mrs. B for a teacher cause she is a neat person and you remind me of her, and this is a compliment to you. Mrs. Bailey gets crazy when kids are rude to each other and when they goof off and when they don't do their work real good. Most of the time she is thankful to be our teacher.

Thanks for coming and talking about spines, goals and positive attitudes. You are the best speaker we had this year, you are fun.



"...feel more confident with myself now!"

Dr. Sheely,

I'm the girl that was putting the straw through the potato when I said I couldn't do it. I thought I couldn't but I thought through the potato and it did. For that experiment I learned to feel more confident with myself now!




"I enjoyed...the great potato lesson...",


Dr. Sheely,

I really enjoyed you coming in. It was a real treat. I enjoyed when you showed us those tests and the great potato lesson, that was really neat. And I thought that you are very good to help people have a smile all day long.



"I loved it when you brought me up..."

Dr. Sheely,

I want to thank you very much for taking your own time and coming in our school and sharing your talents and your information. I loved it when you brought me up and tested my reflexes. I also liked the potato lesson. I think you are a great guy!



Dr. Sheely,

I liked having you come in and talk about the back and positive thinking. I learned about how to set goals and keep them. Thanks for coming in.



Dr. Sheely,

I really appreciate you coming in and telling us about setting goals. I really felt good after class. I smiled all through school. "The Great Potato Lesson" was really great. I learned that if I set a goal I can really do it with some encouragement from my friends and family. I'm really grateful, thanks a million!



Dr. Sheely,

I want to tell you how much I really appreciate you taking your day off to spend with our class. I enjoyed your talking with us a lot. I enjoyed your talking about positive attitudes and setting your goals. I enjoyed it a lot!



Dr. Sheely,

I liked the part about the lemon. I'm really glad you came, I had the best time in Mrs. Bailey's class yesterday. Mrs. Bailey is one of the nicest teachers in the school, she is lucky to have a friend and doctor like you!



Dr. Sheely,

I liked having you in to teach us some stuff we didn't know about the back. I like the way you joked around with us. I talked with some class mates and they said they thought you was a great, very cool guy. We all liked it when you stepped on the chalk.



Dr. Sheely,

Thank you for coming to our school and telling us about chiropractors and everything else. Oh yea, my mom has a bad back and I would like if I was to tell her about you could you help her? Well anyway thanks a lot for coming, I enjoyed you and your jokes!



Dear Dr. Sheely,

I like it when you joke around but you still get to the point. And I also like it when we got to act like we were eating a lemon, and you also said we can do anything you want to do if you put your mind to it.



Dear Dr. Sheely,

Thanks a lot for coming to our school. We all had a great time. The thing I liked most was when you taught us about how we get headaches and the cause. You are very kind and very funny. I hope we get to see you again and I hope you had a great time here because I know I did and a lot of other people did to.



Dr. Sheely,

Thanks for coming and making me positive. I woke up today and said it is going to be a a beautiful day, and I haven't let anything pull me down, I also set goals for my future life which are helping me now in school.



Dear Dr. Sheely,

I want to thank you for coming in and talking to us. I really got something out of it. It made me feel good about myself. Also I really understand what a chiropractor does. I'll never forget what you told us about getting up, looking in the mirror and saying "you're beautiful!"



Dr. Robert B. Sheely,

I really enjoyed your speech on chiropractic and goals. I think a positive attitude is very important. So is chiropractic, who knows maybe someday I'll be a positive chiropractor.



Dear Dr. Sheely,

Thank you for coming in to talk to us. I really thought your presentation was neat! You used all kinds of visual things to keep our attention and let people volunteer to do things and take part in the presentation. It was nice the way you relate goals to your career. Thanks!



Dear Dr. Sheely,

I want to thank you for coming to our school and talking about your job. I think it was neat how you talked about achieving your goals. Now every morning I get up, look in the mirror and tell myself how great I am even though sometimes I don't feel or look great. Thanks!