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This page contains links of the "Chiropractic Experience" of many of the patients we have treated in the past.  We have several books in our reception room that are filled with patient's personal stories.  We have started converting these positive true accounts of our patient's successes to our website.  Watch this section grow as we convert our "old" polaroid picture system to our "new" digital camera format here on our web page. -- To Read Dr. Sheely's Personal Chiropractic Experience, Click Here.

My chiropractic care with Sheely Chiropractic began September 21, 2006. I had suffered with severe headaches for 6 months, having headaches all the time. Also, I was experiencing some neck and low back pain. Before coming to Sheely
Chiropractic, I had been treated by another chiropractor and a family doctor who prescribed pain medication and anxiety medication. My normal life had been disrupted as I was having difficulty reading, comprehending, and remembering what I read due to the headaches. I was experiencing overall fatigue and exhaustion due to loss of sleep – up to 3 hours a night.

I noticed a difference, with chiropractic care, within my 1st week. My headaches started to lessen with time. After about 3 months of going to the family doc and not getting any relief, I was ready to try anything. Choosing chiropractic was the best thing I could have done. At Sheely Chiropractic, everyone is so friendly; and the doctors are very thorough -- Scott Dowler

My chiropractic care with Sheely Chiropractic began August 23, 2006. I had suffered with neck and lower back pain. I had these problems for 15 years prior to seeking treatment. Sheely Chiropractic was the first treatment that I had sought for
my neck and lower back pain. My normal life had been disrupted, as I was very stiff.

I noticed a difference, with chiropractic care, after just 3 visits! I have found chiropractic care to be a great benefit to me. The doctors and staff are very helpful, nice, and very good at what they do. --Judy Ferguson

I entered the Dr. Sheely's office for the first time over 10 years ago. I was suffering with neck and back pains. I had suffered with these symptoms for more than 10
years.  Dr. Sheely was my third Doctor that I saw for this condition. I had been prescribed muscle relaxers and pain killers from the other Doctors. Before I came into Dr. Sheely's office I had to give up physical activities because of the pain in my neck and low back. Dr. Sheely has brought me back to about 80% of my life as I used to know it. Dr. Sheely and his staff has been #1 in health care and humanitarian care. -- Donald Byrnes
I entered the Sheely Chiropractic Clinic in July of 1996. I had always had lower back pain and sometimes I would do something to make it worse and Dr. Sheely would always make me feel better. Prior to coming into Dr. Sheely's office I had
suffered with these symptoms for 9 or more years. I saw a MD once and he was unable to take the pain away. That is when I saw a chiropractor for the first time and loved it because he didn't use drugs and it still took the pain. My back pain made me not be able to bend over, sit or even lie down without pain. Within one week I felt much better, but I still needed more treatments to feel 100 percent better. Chiropractic care has helped me so many times mentally and physically. It is the best care hands down. Dr. Sheely and his staff are great. They make you feel welcome and they truly care about your well being. -- Kathy Chambers
I entered Dr. Sheely's office in 1993 due to pain in my lower back, stiffness in my neck and shoulders and headaches. I had went to my family Doctor and he prescribed me anti-inflamatories.  At the beginning of treatment my relief was
immediate. My monthly visits keep me free of any pain and I know if do run into any problems in between visits, Dr. Sheely is always there to help. I feel with Dr. Sheely's care that my normal life has been able to remain normal, something that may not have been possible without Dr. Sheely's care. I feel that Chiropractic care has been the main reason that I am able to do the simple things that everyone else takes for granted. My family has a severe arthritis history and I feel that Chiropractic care has helped me ward off a lot of the arthritis conditions.  Dr. Sheely and his staff have always treated me with not only professionalism but with kindness. It's always fun to come into the office and see everyone. -- Sharon Corbett

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