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Welcome to my family page for me and my lovely, wife, Marla!

As our love has grown, so has our family.

We are blessed with a wonderful family of sons. With the male domination taking place in our family, we love Marla handling the "female side" of things...not that any of us are against helping with any and everything. Marla does a great job of taking care of all the men in her life...and we all adore her.

I believe our family has "topped out" at this point...with the three boys. So, no little daughters are in our future. We are looking forward to a life of ball games and Royal Rangers with our boys, though. <smile>

Marla also helps me with my business as my Certified Health Advisor for the Take Shape for Life Program, which is a weight-loss/life-balancing program offered through my office. See below for the link to her website about Take Shape for Life.

Click here for Marla's Take Shape for Life Website

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