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Social Improvement Page
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Social interaction is more important than many people give the concept credit. I know, there was a time that I thought that hard work and a lot of time would bring you the goals and the dreams that you desire.

I have come to realize that I bowl of popcorn (easy to find) and a good movie (not easy to find) with the one you love, is one of the very best 5 events in a persons life. (I may be exagerating a little bit there)

The ability to communicate your PSI (Products, Services, and Ideas) with FCB (Faith,Confidence, and Belief) is one of the keys to success in the social segment and many other areas of your life. If you can communicate clearly how you feel about someone, half of the challenge is completed.

In my practice, it is extremely important for me to maintain PTC (Present Time Conscienceness). I must stay focused on exactly what the needs of my patients are. If I don't, my patients could get the perception that I really don't care about their needs. I know if I buy a service form someone that doesn't act like they care if I use their service or not.....well I am no different from you....I try to go someplace that at least gives me the impression that they care about my needs!

I will provide more links or free reports involving Social Improvements. Sometimes we just give other people the wrong impression. I learned a long time ago that "perception" is reality. It does not matter if you know the truth or not....if someone believes something about you it is true for them. If it is true for them then...with their map of how they see is True ..period!

Here are some pictures from a "social event" - Christmas in Trenton 2006 - Pictures with the Grinch - enjoy!

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