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Twelve Steps to Working in Harmony and Obtaining a Raise...

1. Make sure that you greet all co-workers with a smile and a positive statement about that person.

2. Make sure that you do all of your work with joy and enthusiasm.

3. Make sure that all your work is done to the very best of your ability doing it as well or better than anyone.

4. Make sure that you are always helpful to others in their jobs ... they will then be more than happy to be helpful to you. Try to avoid other people asking you for help ... anticipate their need for help and do it... or ask them what you can do to help them.

5. Never complain about the amount of work that you are asked to do. Always try to do it cheerfully. "You will never be paid more for what you do until you do more than you are paid for".

6. Always look at your job as something that evolves and changes as the busi ness or practice continues to improve services. If you are not doing someth ing new every few weeks, suggest changes that would make the service your company provides more excellent.

7. Make sure that your conversation at work and while out to lunch (when others can listen to your conversation) is positive and uplifting. Dwelling on the negative is not healthy or constructive.

8. If there's a situation, challenge, or opportunity (problem) at work with one of your co-workers, go to them and say .... "I have a concern and I want to talk with you about it to see if we can agree on a solution. I know that this may be just my perception of the situation but I want to work in harmony with you so if you have a few minutes, I want to talk with you about my concerns." If the person refuses to talk with you then or refuses to set a time to talk about it. Then go to your supervisor and he or she will act as a mediator and assist in getting the challenge cleared up in the most understanding way possible.

9. Think of your work as a way that you can develop your people skills and your communication skills. Make your co-workers MISS YOU if you are gone.

10. Respect each co-worker as an equal part of the team. Each person has their own responsibilities. Go to the manager if you have a question about your responsibilities not your other co-workers. This is not because they might tell you wrong, but rather because this is the managers job.

11. Be respectful to your supervisors and bosses. I did not say to build them up past reality with false compliments. I said respect them ... for their ability and knowledge. If your can't respect them, then be true to your principles. Find an employer whose supervisors or bosses you can respect.

12. Make yourself so skilled and so valuable to your employer that he/she could not possibility find someone that could do a better job than you. if your employer is not paying you to do your best job, then what are you getting paid for? A valuable employee is not a clock watcher, but rather is produc tive each minute and is honest with all the time given to work.

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