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Recovery from Cervical (Neck) Pain
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used in the Sheely Chiropractic Clinic.

Each patient's condition is different and an individualized treatment plan is proposed that will fit our patient's needs. This information is not meant to address all possible neck pain conditions. Call us for an appointment about your condition. The following list of recommendations is help to afford you the quickest and most permanent relief from neck pain conditions that we accept for care in our office. If you are a patient, please follow it as closely as possible. As your symptoms decrease and your condition improves, you may begin to return to normal activity.

1) Avoid sudden, unanticipated movements. Move your head and neck slowly and deliberately. Do not move only your eyes; mobility must be maintained.

2) Fairly warm, not steaming hot showers are fine. Pulsating shower heads are good too, but do not pound too vigorously with them.

3) A bath towel with a diaper pin fastener is a good home-made brace. It supports the neck and protects it from drafts. If this support is needed for any but the briefest period, the doctor will prescribe a soft collar. A rolled up towel placed on your bed pillow (if you sleep face up or on your side) will help to restore your neck's normal curve. If this is needed for a protracted period, the doctor will prescribe a cervical pillow.

4) Once you have passed out of the severe acute stage, stretching and strengthening exercises are recommended. You will be given specific exercises for your care. The doctor or staff can recommend numbers of repetitions and answer questions. Additional copies of your specific exercises are available at no charge if for any reason, you need an extra copy.

5) Read the pamphlet "Recovery Symptoms". if you do not have one, we will be happy to supply one..

6) With very few exceptions, cryotherapy (ice) is indicated for neck conditions. Unless we tell you otherwise, please assume that ice is preferable to heat. Apply the ice (in a plastic bag, wrapped in a towel) for 15 minutes. Wait at least 45 minutes before repeating. At this rate, you may apply the ice as often as you like. we recommend at least 3 per day (morning, noon and night) during the acute phase.

7) Stay out of drafts. We know we just told you to ice your neck but that is different. Trust us.

8) Precise timing in scheduling treatment is essential to maintain health in your neck, critical to restore it and absolutely crucial in eliminating pain. we will try our best to give you the most for the least. Do your part by keeping appointments and following recommendations.

9) Headaches, arm pain, arm numbness, upper extremity loss of control or function, sore throat, cough or unexplained gains or losses in weight may be signs of nerve root pressure. Radical changes or swings of symptoms or any of the above are cause to call the office at once regardless of when your next appointment is scheduled.

10) Make sure you understand everything you can about your condition and what we and you are doing or can do to improve it and keep it well. We are always happy to repeat or explain in a different way so that you can understand. Please remember to thank the person who referred you for chiropractic care. Remember that your neck is a very sensitive part of your body and houses many vital functions. The neck is also a very vulnerable part of the body as well and no injury or pain, no matter how small, should be taken lightly. if you should notice any discomfort or pain in your neck area, please don't hesitate to report it to us.

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