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The Headache That Has A Meaning!
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Remember this when a headache occurs. You gamble with your health when you treat the pain rather than it's cause.

Some headaches have simple explanations such as those resulting from overindulgence in food or drink. This type usually passes as soon as its cause - a disturbed digestive and eliminative tract - has been relieved.

Most other headaches, however, particularly if chronic or recurring, should be taken more serious health problem. And often the problem is not related to the head.

Headaches can, of course, result from many conditions. But research has revealed that a common cause - often unrecognized - can be traced to the cervical (spinal bones of the neck).

One should not delude oneself into assuming that headaches are "normal" and that with a package of "pain killers." Seeking relief by merely drugging the pain often allows the cause of teh symptoms to go untreated. The further a condition is permitted to advance, the more serious it becomes, and the more difficult it is to overcome.

Headaches are the most common health complaint in America Today. If you have headaches, it would be an act of wisdom to seek qualified professional counsel as early as possible from a doctor of chiropractic. Under chiropractic care, a patient is either treated or referred after a compregensive differential diagnosis.

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